Weather and Environmental Science

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Weather and Environmental Science experiments:


  • Rock Exploration - Can investigate hardness scale and look at planes of fracture by breaking rocks or geodes 
    • Materials Needed: Hammer, different types of rocks and geodes (quarts, limestone, bismuth, ceramic, hard clay, ect)


  • Phases of the Moon – Students will make a moon on a stick and then hold it up to a spot light and circle around to see at which quadrant they see the four different phases of the moon 
    • Materials Needed: Spotlight or lamp, Styrofoam balls, sticks (pencils, skewers)


  • Lightning – Students will make a setup where they rub a wool sock and create static electricity and feel a small shock from a pan, lights out will also show the shock


  • All about Weather & Climate Learning Center Kit 
    • Comes with 4 guides (need expo markers) 
    • Comes with a board game (need paper and pencil for recording score sheet)
    • Can supplement the activity with the weather tools provided in the lab