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Mathematics experiments:


  • M&M or Skittles Statistics – Each student gets a mini bag of candy and before opening they say what they think the color distribution will be. The students will group their candy and report what they actually found in their bag. This will be displayed to show a normal distribution and used to discuss mean and median
    1. Materials Needed- bags of candy, white board or computer with screen to show graph


  • Mass and Density – Use three different liquids (oil, water, and syrup) to determine which liquid is most dense by placing multiple different objects in them ( paper clip, marbles, cork, ect). Then do the same with a cold and hot cup of water to determine how temperature and density are related. Talk about the formula for density and have students calculate based on the mass and volume
    1. Materials Needed: Beakers, oil, water, syrup, hot plate, objects to place in liquids