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Innovation Mobile Labs

We are full steam ahead!!  The United Way of Franklin County with the help from the Town of Franklinton  purchased a 2009 Freighliner Bus to transform into an Innovation Mobile Lab!! 

Novozymes has championed these efforts and we are very excited to show the transformation.  

Use your Imagination, will it look like this?  


Or this? 

Or This?


Innovation Mobile Curriculum Examples

  • Chemistry: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Cabbage pH Indicator, Lava Lamps

  • Plant and Animal Biology: Microscope Exploration, Strawberry DNA, Genetic Monsters

  • Electrical Engineering and Energy: Potato Battery, Snap Circuits

  • Mechanical Engineering: Egg Drop, Earthquake Simulator, LEGO boat

  • Human and Health Sciences: Sugar Quantity, Invisible Soda, Smoking Lungs, Forensics

  • Weather and Earth Science: Rock Exploration, Phases of the Moon, Lightning

  • Coding and Computer Science: Sphero Minis, Cue Robots, Ozobots

  • Math: Mass and Density, Skittle Statistics 

  • Art: Sunpaper Art, Career Collages, Pendulum Painting

  • ...And so much more!!!