Human and Health Sciences

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Experiment ideas:


  • Sugar Quantity – have kids guess how much sugar is in three different common food/drinks and then have them use a scale or balance to measure out the grams of sugar and visually see how much is in each serving and compare to recommended serving of sugar per day
    • Materials Needed: granular sugar, scale or balance, spoon to measure, container to hold sugar, food or drinks (poptart or cereal, can of soda or juice box, candy bar) 


  • Invisible Soda – Add milk to soda and discuss the calcium leeching and effects on the body
    • Materials Needed: Plastic coke cans, 2% milk


  • Smoking vs Nonsmoking Lungs – Build and demonstrate with balloon models on effect of smoking and vaping on lung anatomy, dangers of nicotine


  • Germ Spotting - Use a blacklight/petri dishes with agarose to show kids how many germs are on them vs. on a different object/animal or how many germs are on their phone.
    • Materials Needed: black light, petri dishes 


  • DNA Fingerprinting