Electrical Engineering and Energy

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Electrical Engineering and Energy experiments:

  • Potato or Pickle Battery – hook up a light bulb to a potato or pickle and with voltage show that the light bulb can shine, discuss electrolytes
    • Materials Needed: Pickle or Potato, electrical leads, light bulb, battery



  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Demonstrate how making a fuel cell can give power to an LED and discuss renewable energy efforts
    • Materials Needed: water, container, salt, pencils, positive and negative lead, battery for electrolysis, and LED light


  • Makey Makey Piano or Video Game  – Demonstrate how bananas or graphite pencils can be electrically conductive and create keys to play a simple game or keys for a piano
    • Materials Needed: Makey Makey kit with clips and control board, green bananas, graphite pencils, computer with USB


  • Snap Circuits – Use to light up an LED
    • Materials Needed: Snap Circuits kit