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Teacher Grant Awards 2017

Novozymes has partnered with the United Way and together we are able to double our 2017 teachers grant program to an incredible $25,000. 


The United Way teacher grant program offers a way for both organizations to support the school system with the hopes to increase teacher retention and see continued positive growth on school report card grades.

United Way Executive Director, Andrea Wright believes the combination of:  keeping great teachers in Franklin County and student academic success is the key to helping every child succeed in Franklin County.

Wright, United Way Executive Director said “the amount of intelligence and innovative grant requests by the teachers of Franklin County is a testament to the commitment of the teachers to educate our youth.”

The grants were announced over a 48-hour period and awarded in any discipline for classroom projects that demonstrate originality, innovation and creativity.  United Way of Franklin County Board Members and representatives from Novozymes went from school to school between October 24 and October 26 to surprise the grant recipients.

The grants ranged in amount from $400 to $1500. Almost every school received some contribution from the program.  The Teacher Grants play an intricate roll in enhancing Franklin County’s future when we lift up our children to help them succeed. 

“The United Way applauds our teachers and thanks them for advancing our children’s education.” Wright indicated. 

United Way opens the teacher grant application process from May of each year through September.  The organization expects to make the 2018 grants available in late May 2018.

The Winners are listed below:

Lead Teacher                     School                                            Team Members                                                        Name of Grant

Renee Adams

Bunn Elementary


Caution: Math Crossing Into Reading Phase II

Lauren Bailey

Bunn Elementary School

Jessica Parker, Meagan Thornton, Megan Cruise, Claire Todd

Bio Beach Blast

Amanda Miller

Bunn Elementary School

Renee  Adams, Whitney Wall, Lauren Lee, Heather Rouse

Skeletons Aren’t Just For Halloween Anymore!  They Can Teach Students About So Much More!

Elaine Ihrie

Bunn Elementary School

Elaine Ihrie

Friends Around the World

Caroline Tate

Bunn High School

Chuck Elliott

S.T.E.A.M. Engine

Myra Bridgers

Bunn Middle School

Brittany Hurley              Latoya Smith

Sparking the Imagination with Code

Alyssa Kinary

Edward Best Elementary


Connecting with Chromebooks!

Claire Roehl

Edward Best Elementary School


Kickin' It With Chromebooks

Sanjana Sharma

Franklin County Early College


Instruction through American Modeling Teachers Association

Elizabeth Grothmann

Franklin County Early College High School


Culturally Enriching Field Trip

Clarence Walker

Franklinton High School


"FHS Skills Students'  Senior Saturdays"

Edward Maloney

Franklinton High School

Mr. Trotter Mr. Bransome Mr. Maloney

Physical Education Heart Rate Monitor For Health

Tommy Kemp

Franklinton High School


"Using Horse Knowledge"

Heather Pendergrass

Franklinton High School


Crime Scene Photography

Jerri Terry

Franklinton Middle School

David Hooper

The FMS Center for Innovative Technology

Kim Faulkner

Franklinton Middle School


"Lets Get Graphic"

Crystal Zalewski

Laurel Mill Elementary


Community Tile Mural

Amy P. Tharrington

Laurel Mill Elementary School

Ashley Saleeby

Technology for Firsties!

Susette McConnell

Long Mill Elementary School


The Walking Classroom

Willyetta Mitchell

Louisburg High School

Jessica Kennedy

Extreme Makeover: STEM Edition

Becky Frisbie

Louisburg High School


Pages over Pixels

Stephen Carpenter

Louisburg High School

Willyetta Mitchell

World War One Reporting with Reflections.

Stephanie Murray

Royal Elementary School

Denise Quinn

Pre-k is a positive energy experience! (Pre-k playground improvement)

Maureen Lalino

Royal Elementary school


The Walking Classroom

Laura Aldridge

Terrell Lane Middle School

Sara Leonard

Gamifying Environmentalism: Leveling Up Knowledge; Leveling Down Waste

Nicole McCarty

Youngsville Elementary


Children's Adventure Trail