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Teacher Grant Application


Novozymes has partnered with the United Way and together we are able to double our 2017 teachers grant program to an incredible $25,000. 


Novozymes and the United Way are proud to work with Franklin County Schools through our teacher grant program. Our joint hope is that our efforts play a part in teacher retention and help each school improve their school report card grades to ultimately help every child in Franklin County succeed.


United Way of Franklin County Teacher Grant Application

Thank you for teaching our youth and thank you for having the vision to succeed.  We look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.

Application period: May 31, 2017 -September 15, 2017


  • This application contains 4 parts that will need to be completed prior to final submission.  Applicant and School Information, Project Overview, Outcomes, Budget and Certification.
  • All applications must be submitted online. This document is password protected, a teacher has the capability to fill out partial forms and return to complete the process at a later date.
  • The application process will begin on May 31, 2017 and end on September 15, 2017.
  • Collaborative grants are acceptable.  One teacher should be the lead applicant. 
  • Grants are awarded for one year.  The maximum grant award for 2017 will be $1,500.  Teachers are encouraged to submit grants for less than the maximum.
  • The funding will be distributed in October 2017 contingent upon the final evaluation from 2016 completion. 
  • When completing the application and placing a signature on the form you are certifiying that the following statements are true:
  1. This application has been reviewed and approved by the principal of the school.
  2. You are a teacher in a North Carolina certified K-12 school located in Franklin County.
  3. This is the only application for this project to be submitted.
  4. You were awarded a 2016 grant and have submitted a final report for that funding.
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